Designed for the current day athlete, Advanced Polymer Technology (APT) track systems are widely recognized as a diverse, world-class series of polyurethane running tracks that are unmatched in quality and performance. The Rekortan debut in 1969 revolutionized the track world with quality and innovation, forever crowning our systems as “the fast tracks”. Four decades have passed and the Rekortan name continues a tradition of excellence, representing the most technologically advanced running surfaces in the world. Rekortan has been the official surface of the Penn Relays since 1988. 

The Spurtan® track system continues a tradition of excellence, representing the most technologically advanced running surfaces in the world at a great value.

Rekortan G-13

RootZone 3D Series

Rekortan G-13 is a dual durometer, 13mm, impermeable full pour system. The first layer consists of a self-leveling PU made from environmentally friendly, renewable resources. The top layer is fluid applied and embedded with a dense matrix of EPDM rubber granules. Also available in 10 millimeters (G10).


RootZone 3D Series

Spurtan BV is a 14 mm, two-layer sandwich style polyurethane track system. Its base layer consists of a black mat of SBR rubber granules bound in polyurethane. The second layer is a seal coat using two-component polyurethane and EPDM Powdered Rubber. The surface layer is made up of colored EPDM rubber granules cast into a polyurethane flood coat.


M99 is a 15mm, impermeable, full-pour system featuring 3 specialized layers: a self-leveling fluid applied polyurethane coat, an innovative central force-reduction layer, and a fluid applied polyurethane topcoat with a dense matrix of broadcast EPDM rubber granules, with no solvents or filler added. Also available in 10 millimeters (R10).

Spurtan BS

Spurtan BS is a two-layer, 13 mm, permeable spray coat track system. It is our entry level IAAF system and is a top choice for High Schools across the US.

Rekortan ReSurface

Rekortan ReSurface is a 5mm resurfacing system available to maintain and prolong the use of your track. It is the ideal system to rejuvenate an existing full pour or sandwich system.

  Spurtan BSS

Spurtan BSS is a three-layer, 13mm, impermeable spray coat track system which adds a seal coat layer between the base mat and the structural spray surface coats.

Spurtan Respray

Spurtan Respray allows you to rejuvenate either a BS or a BSS track system. It is typically applied between 6-8 years after your original track was installed.