Posted on Feb 11, 2019

T3 is AstroTurf’s exclusive distributor & installer for Louisiana and Mississippi.

AstroTurf is the inventor of the artificial turf industry having installed the first field over 50 years ago in the Houston AstroDome. Since then, artificial turf technology has constantly evolved and today AstroTurf’s turf products come very close to replicating the feel, performance and safety of the gold standard – natural grass.

Turf Products


The 3D Series adds a texturized layer of fibers called RootZone® to encapsulate infill, resulting in minimal rubber splash, better shock absorbency, and less infill migration. The RootZone improves safety, playability, and durability, making 3D systems the top choice for athletes and field owners alike. Ideal for football, rugby, lacrosse, soccer and multipurpose.


The OPS Diamond series is today’s premiere baseball and softball surface. Diamond Series handles ball bounce exactly like a natural grass field in every area of performance – outfield, infield and base paths and it can be custom tailored to any coach or facility specifications for speed and bounce.


Developed specifically for football (soccer), ball-to-surface interactions and the high standards of elite players Natural grass is the gold standard that we strive to emulate. Balancing the desire for grass’s playability with the need for high durability is AstroTurf’s mission. Rapid technological advances and evolving product designs are getting the LigaTurf soccer field product line closer. Like natural grass fields, artificial turf systems fall along a spectrum ranging from the unplayable to the exceptional. The LigaTurf series has several FIFA approved systems ensuring a grass-like experience.


Throughout the history of the synthetic turf industry, the great quest of manufacturers has been to blend polyethylene (PE) and nylon (PA) into a single fiber. From its earliest inception until the 1990s, nylon was used nearly across the board for its superior resilience and strength. The downside of all-nylon texturized fibers was well-known — it was abrasive. In the 1990s, PE came into vogue and became the industry standard These PE fibers were much less abrasive, but sacrificed the strength that previous generations of turf fields offered. AstroTurf now offers the TRIONIC fiber. This patent-pending development is a feat of chemical engineering never before achieved in the history of our industry. TRIONIC combines player friendly PE with ultra-durable nylon to deliver the ultimate fiber.