T3 Global Projects provides tennis court surfaces of the highest quality performance for competition and training. Our experienced team can manage your project from design through to completion. In partnership with Plexipave, we provide the most advanced tennis surfacing systems.

T3 Global Projects is committed to the success of your tennis surfacing project. We provide technical services to architects, engineers, club owners, tennis professionals and players alike. Our factory chemists, technicians and color experts are well-known for their innovations and problem solving expertise.

Our customer service team will provide you with personalized attention and support, leaving you with a beautiful tennis court installation.


Plexipave is a 100% acrylic latex color intense tennis surfacing system. It can be installed indoors or outdoors on asphalt or concrete to provide an all-weather, durable quick-drying color surfacer with superior resistance to ultra-violet rays  Additional Plexipave products are used for patching, leveling and etching base surfaces. The Plexipave surface provides uniform bounce and speed of play specification.

Plexicushion is a layer underneath Plexipave. 

The Plexicushion System combines the consistent bounce, sure footing and outstanding durability delivered by Plexipave with the innovative, shock-absorbing properties of EPDM rubber cushioning. The result is a tennis surface that responds dynamically to body impact, reducing stress and fatigue on the legs, knees, ankles and feet.

Tennis court owners and facility managers around the world appreciate the long-lasting, all-weather durability of Plexipave and Plexicushion.

Value and Durability with Plexipave and Plexicushion

Plexipave and Plexicushion have achieved a global presence in the tennis surfacing industry and enjoy an international reputation for excellence and dependability.  It comes as no surprise that the only two Grand Slam tournaments played on hard courts, the AUSTRALIA OPEN and US OPEN have selected this family of  products. 

Excellent wear resistance represents significant value and that’s what T3 Global Projects is all about. Our team will gladly assist you with all aspects of your project, from the ideal base and multiple court layout to best product and ITF pace.