Sports Lighting

Regardless of what type of sport facility you are operating, lighting your venue efficiently is a key component of your athletic program. Our lighting systems and technologies allow us to consistently deliver design values while achieving 40-45% costs savings in energy consumption. As with all of our other products, we offer full design capability. Give us your requirements and we will provide a design that works for you.

T3 Global Projects is proud to partner with the top lighting manufacturers in the industry. We offer solutions for both permanent and temporary lighting needs.  From Little League baseball fields to professional sports stadiums we have a lighting solution to fit your needs and budget.

Our professional lighting solutions offer unique advantages including:

  • continuous illumination for over 5,000 hours of use,
  • great uniformity
  • ease of maintenance
  • monitoring capability
  • an industry leading factory warranty. 

Lighting Solutions for All Sports

  • Evaluation of lighting requirements to produce the light strength and coverage you need
  • We minimize installation, operation, and maintenance costs to meeet your budget
  • We minimize light pollution for the benefit of the environment and your neighbors
  • Our lighting systems are simple to purchase, install and operate
  • The performance of our lighting systems is raising industry standards
  • Providing you with a safer and higher quality playing environment