About T3

About T3 Global Projects

T3 Global Projects, LLC is a full service distributor for Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas and the Caribbean of all Greenfields artificial turf products, CONICA running tracks, and Plexipave tennis courts. When you elect to contract with our team you are working with a dedicated, responsive and knowledgeable group, which truly believes in creating value and developing lasting partnerships with our clients. Our one-stop-shop concept will help you:

  • Achieve economies of scale
  • Enjoy the benefits of state of the art products and technologies
  • Make your purchasing process streamlined and efficient.

All of our sports systems are fully warranted by the best manufacturers in the business, all worldwide industry leaders and innovators. Our commitment is to deliver a durable playing surface that will meet and exceed your expectations. We look forward to working with you. 


About our Managing Members

Roberto P. Sanchez

Roberto brings over 15 years of experience in the sports industry. He has successfully installed artificial turf, running tracks, tennis courts and lighting systems in over 20 countries.  He has worked directly with various sports authorities like FIFA and IAAF, obtaining numerous top class certifications for our clients’ projects.

Roberto received his undergraduate degree from Loyola University in New Orleans, majoring in International Business and Marketing. He also holds an MBA in Finance.  His hobbies include sport fishing and competing in the USTA Tennis League in Baton Rouge.

Andre L. Borne

Andre has been involved in sports facilities for over 5 years. As an engineer he provides our Operations Crews with a strong technical background.

Andre received his undergraduate degree from Louisiana State University in Mechanical Engineering.  Andre comes to T3 Global Projects LLC from the chemical manufacturing industry where he was formerly employed by Dupont and Honeywell.  He has over 25 years experience in chemical plant maintenance where he managed organizations of over 100 engineers and technical resources.

Artificial Turf Systems

Greenfields excels in quality and innovation. Greenfields powered by TenCate® has direct access to the best and newest fiber technologies. As a FIFA Preferrered Producer, GreenFields can now provide our U.S. & Caribbean customers with state of the art sports fields. Since 2003, Greenfields has installed over 2500 sports fields worldwide – an impressive record for such a short timeframe!  Even better, we are partnered with TenCate®: a multinational corporation with a nearly 300-year history and a global leader in the development of textile technologies.

Hard courts

Owners and facility managers around the world appreciate Plexipave’s and Plexicushion’s  long-lasting, all-weather durability. These systems have achieved a global presence in tennis surfacing industry, and enjoy an international reputation for excellence and dependability.  It comes as no surprise that the only two Grand Slam tournaments played on hard courts, the AUSTRALIA OPEN and US OPEN have selected this family of  products.  Excellent wear resistance represents significant value and that’s what T3 Global Projects is all about. 

Sports Lighting

Regardless of what type of sport facility you are operating, lighting your venue efficiently is a key component of your athletic program. Our lighting systems and technologies allow us to consistently deliver design values while achieving 40-45% costs savings in energy consumption. As with all of our other products, we offer full design capability. Give us your requirements and we will provide a design that works for you. T3 Global Projects is proud to partner with the top lighting manufacturers in the industry. We offer solutions for both permanent and temporary lighting needs.  From Little League baseball fields to professional sports stadiums we have a lighting solution to fit your needs and budget.

Track surface

For more than 35 years CONICA has been installing high quality and reliable sports surfaces worldwide.  Known for first quality Track Surfaces, their innovative product portfolio includes intelligent sports flooring solutions for stadiums, multipurpose facilities, sports halls, playgrounds, and tennis courts. CONICA tracks were selected for the PanAm Games in Santo Domingo (2003), Guadalajara (2011), and Toronto(2015).  The Pan American Games are the world’s third largest international multi-sport Games; they are only surpassed in size and scope by the Olympic Summer Games and the Asian Games.

What our customers say

  • We are doing business with T3 over the past six years, in which we have installed two artificial turf sports fields, never have I felt that his bottom line was for me to buy his product at any cost but that I would get the best product possible. And what a product it is! The T3 global team is ‘the total package’ the installation team was hardworking and detail oriented.

    Andrea Lewis - Project Officer - University of the west Indies

  • The T3 team realy did an amazing job at the St Barth Tennis Club. Thank you again for being so professional! Hope to see you again soon on our island!

    Cecile Teberghien - St. Barthelemy, Ministry of Sports

  • Thanks to T3 Global Projects the installation of our field was done with great precision and the outcome of the field was brilliant. As they say, mission accomplished.

    David Sabir (President) - Bermuda Football Association

  • On behalf of the Ministry, I want to thank the T3 team for all the hard work, the installation looks great and we look forward to receiving the full Two Star certification from FIFA.

    Ms. Leyda Nicholson Coe - Ministry of District Administration